Dog House Flower Club - Reminder Subscription

  Ever find yourself in the Dog House & know if you had just planned ahead better, you wouldn't be on the outside, looking in? Floral Envy Inc. can help!  With this subscription, you can plan ahead; giving you peace of mind knowing Floral Envy Inc. will take care of the rest.

  You choose the four or six date dates you'd like flowers sent in the year & you will receive a text & email a week prior to the requested delivery date to confirm the recipient will be home or in the office & giving you time to think of an appropriate card message. (please list dates in the Note section & their significance, ie:  date = birthday, date = anniversary)

 Date Suggestions:  Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Mother's Day (for Mom, Grandma, Mother-In-Laws), In Memory/Special Days, and Just Because ( because random day(s) in the year are no better way to score easy brownie points)

Standard = $40 bouquet,

Deluxe = $60 bouquet

 Premium = $75.00 bouquet

              One delivery charge will be added to your total because of the way Shopify is set up. The remaining deliveries are included in the prices provided.

Photo credit to Pexels